It seems hard to believe that I have reached this crossroads. There were times I never thought it would happen, as well as wanting it to happen a lot sooner than it did. With reality setting in, I keep going through a range of emotion. Fear, excitement, independence, uncertainty. It almost feels like I’m cutting the lifeline my parents created 22 years ago and I’m finally doing everything on my own.

Nearing the end of my time living and working in Lincoln, NE, I can’t help but think how perfect the timing has been. Though I will miss spending my Saturday’s in Memorial Stadium cheering on the Huskers, I have spent four years in a place I knew would only be temporary. I never imagined I would stay after graduation, but life happens and I have been here two months longer than originally planned. However, my time has finally reached an end with my sights set forward on what’s to come.

I have spent many years exploring and playing soccer in Overland Park, KS. During high school, I would always say if I were to live anywhere other than Omaha, that’s where it would be. It’s funny how that’s how it’s worked out. I don’t feel like I’ll be starting over necessarily. It seems more a new opportunity. I’m excited to have the opportunity to set out on my own at a point in my life when I’m still able to do so.

Of course, with that excitement comes fear. Going to a new city where I know few people is slightly terrifying. Not knowing what to expect once I am finally there is a little daunting. I’m no longer going to be just an hour away from home; a phone call will be all I have, unless a three hour drive is necessary. I always used to say I would never move farther than just down the street from my parents. It’s funny how perspectives change with experience. I’m sure homesickness will occur more than once, but it helps having close friends just down the street.

Making a transition between cities (and states) will be hard, especially since finding another Husker fan won’t be easy. ☺ Regardless of the hardships and unknowns lying ahead, I’m ready for my journey in Lincoln to end, and the one in Overland Park to start. I am going to miss what I’m leaving behind as I am moving forward.