It’s amazing how much a walk, or sitting outside while a storm comes rolling in can give you time to reflect and give you a sense of calm.

As a kid, I would always take walks with my parents on nights when it was nice enough outside, especially in the summers. I would sit outside and watch the rain pour, the lightening flash, and hear the thunder roar. These moments were experienced in complete silence, except the sounds of surrounding nature.

I speak of these moments in past tense as if they no longer exist; these moments still play a huge part in my life and how I sometimes clear my head. I still take these moments when I can get them and don’t take them for granted. A walk around a park, or through a neighborhood, takings in a beautiful sunset, watching millions of stars litter the sky.

I often find myself feeling like a kid during these moments in time. Making a wish on a star, or before blowing out candles on a cake. There is no such thing as being too old, or being ridiculous; dancing wildly to a song, or running around in the rain. It gives a sense of freedom, and no care to the rest of the world or what they may think.

The time spent throughout the years enjoying the freedom, gives me a sense of relaxation and almost a new outlook once the moment is over. I have tried to find ways to enjoy life, and, to me these are the greatest ways I know how. Every person is different, and that can be the greatest part. Learning how other people enjoy their life gives you the chance to also share yours. IMG_0144