Although the Fourth of July was a week ago now, there are still memories from that night fresh in my mind.

In past all through my childhood, my family would always spend the Fourth grilling out, sometimes go swimming, and then find somewhere to watch fireworks together.

This year, I felt like a kid all over again. I celebrated the holiday differently than I had in the past, and it was something I hope to never forget.

I have never set off fireworks before. I always told myself something bad would happen if I did, even if I was being smart and careful. Last week, I experienced what it was like for the first time. It was a different feeling running back and forth each time I would set one off.

Although some things from that night haven’t changed from what I am used to, it was fun to truly see my inner kid come out. It was an exciting experience, and I know there won’t be another time where it will feel the same.

I’m just glad I was encouraged to try it just once, because that was all it took for me to realize just how fun it can be.