Hello! My name is Laura Brown and soccer championship.jpgI am from Omaha, Nebraska. Growing up,
I spent my time playing competitive sports. When I got to Skutt Catholic High School, soccer became my life.
It taught me how to work on a team, how to lead, and most of all, how to work towards what I want.

When it came time for college, I went to the University of Nebraska Lincoln, UNL.jpgwhere I was a part of many extra curricular activities. Beyond life in the Greek System, I also went through the process of being in the Scarlet Guard. On graduation day, I left the world of education with a degree in Business Administration and a drive to be successful in the professional world.

I strive to obtain a full-time job using my leadership, problem solving, communication and management skills in a professional setting.

Working on a team to further my future company isn’t just a goal, it’s something I am determined to accomplish and willing to sacrifice for.

My name is Laura Brown, and I am excited to welcome you to my website.