I was taking a walk the other night, just to go check the mail at the end of the day. On my way, I passed a family playing some soccer together. I smiled to myself, thinking back to the time my brother and sisters would do the same thing in our backyard.

Typically, I enjoy taking walks at the end of the day. I use the time to clear my head and just relax. However, I found myself thinking back to the many years (17!) I spent playing the sport I truly loved. There were highs and lows, as would be expected. I saw mainly flashbacks to monumental moments in my “career”, and even some not so monumental.

As would be expected, my mind initially went to playing in the state tournament in high school. But thinking even further back brought me to the moments when I first started playing. Now I don’t remember the timing exactly, and I’m not sure if my memory has been filled by what I was told, but a little part of me remembers the moment I wanted to quit taking dance lessons and start devoting that time to soccer.

I have been told I have a weird memory; there are times I can pull up the most miniscule detail about something, and people just look at me asking, “How in the world do you remember that?”. With that being said, as I focus and think back, there are moments from my early years that come to me in small flashes.

During the time of my short walk, I was hit with the realization that I don’t have any documentation showing what I spent most of my life (up to this point) doing. I have pictures, and T-Shirts that will someday become a quilt, and the memories in my head. I came to the decision, quite out of nowhere I will add, to take the time to write down my experiences, memories, and personal feelings through it all.

While this post is pretty short and sweet, I am starting to work on different installments. I have the plan to start with the earliest years I can remember, and work toward present day. Believe it or not, soccer is still a part of my life today, just in a different way. It’s funny how your position can change, but the feelings can remain the same. But there is more on that to come!


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