Fall Leaves

During high school I took a creative writing class, and my favorite part of class was writing poetry. I have always enjoyed writing my own poems in my spare time, mainly because I didn’t have the patience to write anything longer.

I always found it easy to write about the different seasons. They are always changing, and they are one thing that everyone knows. It’s always fun to think about the best (and worst) parts of each one, and find a way to interpret each one in my own way.

I came across some old poems of mine recently, making me think about the last time I stepped back and appreciated everything around me. I have always said that fall is my favorite time of year; this year it has certainly flown by and I hardly noticed my favorite time of the year.

The leaves changing colors, the cooling temperatures, and of course football season. The leaves explode into color, brightening the world all around. They float down from the trees, raining down and creating piles for kids to jump in.

The cooler temperatures bring a calming, peaceful feeling, creating an environment of comfort, allowing everyone to dial back and take more time to be themselves. Long gone are the tank tops and shorts, and a time for jackets and sweatpants has arrived.

This time of year awakens the kids in me. I run through the leaves that pile up on the side of the street, and would not be opposed to running and jumping into my own pile of leaves. Fall could be seen to some to be a stressful time of year; I think it is what you make it. If you take the time to step back from the stresses and craziness in your every day life, typically you’ll find there is a lot more than what meets the eye.