Placeholder ImageI’ve heard it been said, that graduates usually don’t have trouble finding jobs right out of college. Maybe this holds some truth, especially with those, like me, who were already working in a job that they were going to continue after graduation.

However, there are others, also like me, that aren’t having as much luck. Now I can say from my own personal experience that it’s easy to overlook those other people in the same position.

I have taken some time to read articles with suggestions on how best to prepare for an interview, and have found ways to present myself better, especially with the initial phone screen. Filler words such as “like” and “um” and even sometimes “yeah” can either be associated with nervousness, or disinterest, and no one wants to come off that way when a job opportunity is on the line.

Preparation can be a key factor, but it isn’t a unique idea. Everyone else who found that posting is doing the same thing, if not more, to compete for that job. And maybe they already have a leg up on you. I have been in a number of positions where I have landed an in-person interview for a position where sales experience wasn’t a requirement; it was posted in the job description that all skills needed were going to be taught in training contingent on hiring.

Eventually that fateful email or phone call comes, stating they went with someone who has that experience. I can understand this; it’s easier to bring someone in who has already been exposed to something similar.

However, it begins to get disheartening once it’s not longer just one, but dozens. It’s hard to know what you’re up against, and sometimes doing your best and presenting yourself the best way possible just isn’t enough.

The continued search starts to get harder. Maybe a slight panic attack or two. And it gets to the point where you feel like you just aren’t letting yourself down, but also those that have been supporting you through the process. I’ve been there and it’s not a great feeling.

I will say job searching is nothing like I thought it would be. And maybe I was too optimistic in how quickly I would be able to find a place to start my career. Everyone says something will work out eventually. It’s just hard to know when “eventually” is.