My time spent as a Husker was the most life-changing four years I have experienced in my life.  I experienced changes in my personal life, my professional life and my academic life. I had finally felt like I was in charge of what I did and where I went from the first day of my freshman year.

The “Best Years of Your Life”

I often heard that your college years are the greatest years of your life. As vague as that comment is, I would find it hard to disagree.However, that hardly scratches the surface. That statement doesn’t offer any insight for anyone who wasn’t with you through it all.

Like most college students, I could be found at the football stadium every Saturday. To say I was (and still am) a die-hard Husker fan is an understatement. Being born and raised as a Husker fan played a huge role in who I am, even outside of the football field. Being a part of one of the most loyal fan bases says a lot about the school that surrounds it.

Finding My Passion

It wasn’t uncommon to hear about people changing their major at least once throughout their college career. I just never thought I would be one of them. Going into my freshman year, I was so certain I wanted to become an accountant. That’s all I focused on and I refused to give up. I didn’t want to accept I had made a wrong decision. However, after I admitted it to myself, everything started to fall into place.

Changing my major was the best thing I could have done in my four years at UNL. I enjoyed my classes and everything was making sense. Somehow, along with the academic change, I was starting to notice the change in myself.

As an 18 year old freshman, I was quiet and reserved; more than okay with letting other people talk while I acted as a fly on the wall. As a senior who was months away from graduating, I made my presence known by participating in group discussions. Outside of classes I was having conversations with people I was just meeting.

I had finally broken out of my shell, and just in time.

UNL shaped me into a person I could be proud of. I saw myself mature and gain an understanding of what it was going to take to become a part of the “adult world”.